In this very competitive world, it is necessary for tomillion-dollar-loans make an effort to support and maintain financial stability. Meanwhile, reaching a high degree of financial success is never an easy task. This is the reason why we are here to serve you.

We are a trusted and well respected company that offers business funding from 5,000 to 3 Million dollar loans. Our funding solution program is reliable and dependable with easy approval. We perform with integrity and hardwork just to provide you the best credit management that you most desire and truly deserve.

We approve commercial credit lines for our valued clients each day. In the many years of being in the financial industry, we have gained a solid reputation among the public. We appreciate and highly value our good name. That is why we are always committed and dedicated to serve the people with the best and effective credit management to improve their credit reports.

Funding Requirements

Minimum of 3 open lines of credit

Minimum of 3 open, seasoned (at least 24 months), and primary revolving lines of credit.

Minimum 700+ credit score

A 700+ credit score is the Minimum score we need to get a business loan approved.

Bankruptcy 5 years old or over

Bankruptcy must be over 5 years old to get business loans approved.

Credit Report Requirements

Recent late payments, judgments, liens, etc. are reviewed case by case.

why business owner choose us

We understand that credit repairs are critical for the success of business owners

Armed with our worthy knowledge and skills in the financial industry, we are confident enough to truly contribute to the success and growth of credit reports.

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Business loans and credit repair that clients appreciate

We give our customers the best possible services to provide quality loans and bring credit scores back into life. We are always giving our best effort to give you the highest client satisfaction and to meet the customer’s highest standards and expectations in this industry.

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