Pay For Performance Guarantee

We offer a pay-for-performance guaranteed solution. This is with NO upfront fees! With this expedited option, clients can begin receiving funding in as little as 15 days.

Under $1M to $500M and larger funding available for domestic and International projects. *Business Financing, *Joint Ventures, * Commercial Real Estate (Acquisition, Refinance, Development) etc

Agreement and Upfront Fee

We make sure that the agreement is based on the terms of the signed contract as well as the right procedures that concerns the right kind of process in addressing the funding. The upfront fee is not wasted and is legally put to use as a startup for the funding to be done. We make sure that the first step is followed.

Processing of the Deal

The company makes fast and accurate effort in making an effective processing of the deal. We take the best means in securing the funding by transferring to the Aged Corporation. This assures the best kind of result to be to be given to the client.  The funding is made secure at all times due the fast deal and process it has done.

The Personal Guarantor

We want to make sure that you have an edge on your funding so we provide a personal guarantor to take a full assistance of your account. Through the personal guarantor, the account is made sure to fall to the right hands. This provides an easy checking due to the high credit score of the guarantor. The cash  will go directly on the on the credit card or savings that you have.

The Achieved Funding

We would not let the process die down so the funding is achieved thorough the private investors and banks that are recognized as our most trusted partners. We fill gaps by making sure that all the desired funding is made in accordance with the proper funding measures and operations. The funding is guaranteed a secure way through the assistance of the banks and the investors it has.

Full Set of Package

Every client deserves accurate and right documents so we make sure to provide a complete of documents such as the bank signature card, checkbook, funding documents and other essential items. We make sure to provide these items in a more accurate way as possible.  Each client will expect the documents in top shape order.

Minimum of 3 open lines of credit

Minimum of 3 open, seasoned (at least 24 months), and primary revolving lines of credit.

Minimum 700+ credit score

A 700+ credit score is the Minimum score we need to get a business loan approved.

Bankruptcy 5 years old or over

Bankruptcy must be over 5 years old to get business loans approved.

Credit Report Requirements

Recent late payments, judgments, liens, etc. are reviewed case by case.


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